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Marble Levitating Pot

The most unique of our pot collection.... The Levitating Pot! 

This magical pot hovers and keeps your plant constantly rotating. Say goodbye to gravity restricted plant pots and watch your Levitating Pot in awe. 

The Levitating Pot is sure to impress your friends and without a doubt the houseplant addicts in your life will love it too! Take it to work for your office desk and impress your colleagues. 

The pot is perfect for air plants however other plants are also suitable, bearing in mind there is no drainage hole. Small and light weight plants are recommended. 


✅ The Levitating Pot can help regain focus and calm a cluttered mind. A simple way to reset your mind is by diverting your attention to the Levitating Pot, as you watch it spin for a few moments (researchers have found that diverting your attention to a single object has calming effects and helps to regain focus). 

✅ The Levitating Pot constantly rotates, allowing your plant to receive equal light. No more wonky growing plants stretching for sunlight!


Magic! Well... we'd like to believe so. The real answer is magnetic levitation suspension technology. The magnetic function requires the base to be plugged into a power source. This allows the pot to levitate above the base, spinning in a circular motion.  


Approximate dimensions:

  • Base diameter 19.5cm (7.7")
  • Base height 3cm (1.2")
  • Levitation height approx. 3cm (1.2")

Power supply: 15V 1A

Plugs: AU/NZ, US, EU, UK

Make sure you select the correct wall plug for your country. Happy levitating!